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We provide wetland delineation training and wetland training.We provide wetland delineation training and wetland training. We provide wetland delineation training and wetland training.

What's New

EPA and Army Propose Revised "Waters of the U.S." Definition. This will certainly be challenged in court. Stay tuned.
A Federal Judge reinstated the Obama-era Clean Water Rule for 23 States and the District of Columbus. The Pre-Clean-Water-Rule Protocol is still in effect in the other states. We will continue to provide training on both protocols.
Our 2019 Schedule is now available.
I did a training class for the governnent of Taiwan, followed by giving a Keynote Speech: "Wetland Conservation and Sustainable Uses in the United States" at the International Wetland Convention in Taipai in November. In so doing, I developed a wetland identification and delineation manual for Taiwan. A great honor.
Our Wetland Delineation Training Classes and Wetland Permitting Training Classes have been pre-approved by the SWSPCP as meeting standards for content and instruction to receive credits and/or points toward SWSPCP Professional Certification or SWSPCP Professional Certification Renewal.
Our Wetland Delineation Training classes in Florida now include the Florida Statewide Wetland Delineation Training for no additional fee.
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We have changed our Regional Supplement class from a 1-day class to a 2-day class. This class is for persons who have already taken a preliminary 4 - 5 day Wetland Delineation Training Class but seek direction on the protocols of the Regional Supplement. We assume you have a basic knowledge of wetland science.
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Our Wetland Courses

Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation / Regional Supplement / Waters of the US Training

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Our highly-regarded nationwide wetland training class.  Now in its 24th year, Richard Chinn, who was certified during the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineator Certification Program Demonstration Phase and Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), has personally provided this training to 7000+ wetland professionals in 600+ classes in 23 states plus Puerto Rico. Richad Chinn has done onsite classes for Departments of Transportation in Alaska, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi.  You won't find a more experienced and professional wetland instructor and he is neither boring nor dry!

This course includes training in the Regional Supplement in effect for the area where the training is held but training in an alternate Regional Supplement can be provided upon request.

Take advantage of Richard Chinn's years of classroom and field training experience, technical and instructional!

Regional Supplement Training

We offer this 2-day course for persons who have already taken a 4 - 5 day class in wetland delineation and want to improve their skills in the Regional Supplement.

You do not need to register for the Regional Supplement Training if you are registering for the Wetland Delineation Training as this Regional Supplement Training is included in our 4-day Wetland Delineation Training class.

Wetland Permitting Training

This course picks up where our Wetland Delineation Training course left off!  Learn advanced topics of wetlands regulations and permitting to make you an even better wetland delineator, manager and scientist including an intensive look at each type of permit (including Nationwide, Regional and Individual Permits, how to satisfy their requirements, and how to address all the pertinent wetland issues expected of a wetland professional.



What We Provide

  • Subject matter experts
  • We use Plain English
  • We use digital projectors with comprehensive, accompanying workbooks - No more frantic note-taking
  • Small class sizes (generally < 24)
  • Favorable cancellation policy - We will not cancel a course for attendance that has three (3) or more registered participants


Course Cancellation Policy


We know what a hardship it is for the participant when the trainer cancels a class.  We will not cancel a class that has 3 or more paid participants!


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We provide wetland delineation training and wetland training.

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Richard Chinn is the author of "The Enemy of My Enemy" a historical fiction account of the Doolittle Raider crew that flew to the USSR after bombing Japan, was interned by the Soviet Union for 14 months before they escaped into Iran. This book espouses several theories of the mission. What was the US militaries role in the landing in the Soviet Union? What was the KGB's role in their escape? This book is under contract with a traditional publisher and is scheduled to be published in 2017.

Richard Chinn is also a Professional Mangrove Trimmer and his company Florida Mangrove Trimming, LLC provides mangrove trimming services and consulting to improve the view of the water for homes with riparian mangrove fringe in an ecological, aesthetic manner.