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Wetland Permitting Training

This 2-day class walks one through the protocol to acquire a Section 404 permit to discharge into a Waters of the United States or a Secton 10 permit to impact a Navigable Water.

This course covers the 'how-to' process with a standard step-by-step format, the types of Section 404 permits (including their applications, advantages, disadvantages and requirements), how to satisfy the avoidance requirement (including how to produce an alternatives analysis), how to satisfy the minimization requirement, wetland assessment protocols, the major categories of compensation (including their advantages, disadvantages and relative costs), and how to perform mitigation monitoring with report. Each Nationwide Permit is discussed in detail.

Richard Chinn is a WDCP-listed trainer, ACOE-certified Wetland Delineator, and Certified Environmental Trainer. Mr. Chinn has personally trained 7000+ scientists since 1994 in ACOE protocol for the WDCP with varying levels of education and experience.

Prerequisite: completion of a 4 or 5-day wetland delineation training class.

Fee: $550 includes comprehensive workbook, Certificate, approximately 1.2 credit hour equivalents toward Professional Wetland Scientist certification, 1.6 CEUs, and miscellaneous information.

Richard Chinn provides ACOE training in 30+ cities annually. Please see our web page, http://www.richardchinn.com, for other courses & locations.

To register or for additional information, see our web page, http://www.richardchinn.com, email us at info@richardchinn.com, call us tollfree at 1.813.655.7549, or fax us at 813.354.4659.


Completion Awards

Each participant will receive:
  • A Certificate of Completion,
  • 1.6 Continuing Education Units,


Skills & Knowledges

By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Complete the 7-page Jurisdictional Determination Form
  • Complete an Individual Permit Application,
  • Develop an Alternatives Analysis,
  • Perform a wetland assessment using an ACOE protocol
  • Select the most appropriate compensation (mitigation) options,
  • Determine if a dredging activity requires a Section 404 Permit,
  • Select an applicable Nationwide Permit for a project, if any, and satisfy the general and regional conditions,
  • Select an appropriate Regional Permit or programmatic general permit
  • Satisfy the Water Quality Certification (Section 401) requirements


    The prerequisite for this course is one of the following:

    • Competency in the topics of our Wetland Delineation and Management Training Class and consent of instructor



    • This course is two days long (some courses with state rules may be longer).  Courses start at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm daily, with an hour-long lunch and (2) 15-minute breaks.

    • You will be confirmed within 2 days of registering by telephone, email, or fax.

    • We provide you a receipt and certificate at the end of a course.   If you need a receipt from RCET before the course, please let us know and we will mail, email, or fax you a receipt before the course.

    • Your comprehensive workbook will be provided on the first day of class.

    • Lunch is on your own


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    We provide wetland delineation & wetland training

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